10 of Today’s Best Offline Work from Home Ideas

Working from home is a dream, isn’t it? You can stay in your pajamas all day if you want. There is no commute to work every day. You can work from your couch or bed whenever you feel like it. It is the best!

So, you would have searched the internet for work from home options, only to find that most of them are online work. You need to be connected to the internet most of the time to do these jobs. But who wants to keep staring at the laptop and be online all the time?

Don’t worry, we got you covered here. In this article, we are giving you 10 solid offline work from home ideas that don’t need an internet connection or make you sit in front of the screen for hours together (except one). So, read on and you will have decided which option you want to pursue by the end of the article!

Catering Business/Baker

Food! Who doesn’t love food? What if you can convert your love for food and cooking into a home-based business?

You can start a catering business at home and start supplying food for organizations or local events. You can even offer takeaway service for people in your locality. This could be a one-man show, a family business or you can even hire people to help.

Becoming a home baker is another great option. I love myself some fresh bakes! If you are interested in it, you can start a baking business at home. You can choose to open a store, supply to a store, or just sell it to people in your locality.

Trust me when I say cooking food for others and making money through it is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. Some so many people have quit jobs to put up a street-side stall just for the fulfillment it gives!


Do you love taking care of people? Do you find it fulfilling? Do you have enough patience to do it day after day?

If you answered yes to the above questions, this is a perfect job for you. Just like providing food, taking care is another highly fulfilling job. And you can do this from your home!

The first option is to open a Daycare. This will work well if you are fond of kids and love spending time with them. With both the parents working these days, people are always looking for a good daycare service.

This is especially convenient if you are a stay-at-home mom or dad. You are already sitting at home taking care of kids, why don’t you bring more kids to the party and make some cash while you are at it.

Another option is Eldercare. This is not the most lucrative as elderly people have very little to spend for themselves. But you will be helping people who can’t help themselves by checking on them periodically, doing some meal preparation, or running some errands.

Travel planning

This is for travel lovers.

Do you enjoy researching and planning for trips? Making a workable budget and creating an itinerary?

If yes, people are looking for you. Many people who would love to go on trips don’t have the patience to deal with the logistics. Planning and budgeting for a trip take time and effort many people would rather pay for than do themselves.

The work is simple. Interview your client properly to know their taste and the kind of travel they enjoy. Make note of their negotiables and non-negotiables. Based on that, create an itinerary for them. That’s all!

Herb farming/gardening

Have a decent space in your house? It can be a front lawn, big balcony, terrace, or anything. As long as you have some space to grow some plants, you have a work from home idea staring right at your face.

People have started to be conscious of what they are eating. They are moving from packed food and preservatives to organic farm/homegrown food even if it costs them extra bucks. This is where you can start your business.

There are two options here too. You can start herb farming in your home and sell herbs. They take smaller space to grow and you can grow a lot of them!

Another option is to grow a vegetable garden if you have enough space. Do a little research on what grows in your area for different seasons. Then set up your home vegetable garden. Tending to your garden everyday and watching plants grow to bear fruits and vegetables is an amazing feeling.

The demand for herbs and vegetables is constant and once you have got the people in your neighborhood to be your customers, you can continuously supply to them. You can also choose to supply to local restaurants.

Once you gain a good experience with home gardening you can extend your services to setting up gardens for other people. This is a great way to expand your business.

Rent a room or rent your things

Now here is an idea that doesn’t take a lot of constant effort from you to make money. Rent stuff!

Do you have a free room? Do you have a car you don’t use much? Or do you have anything else lying around like surf gear or travel gear that other people would love you to use but are hesitant to purchase?

Renting them can be a great way to make money from home.

When it comes to the room you can put it up on Airbnb, couch surfing, or run a bed and breakfast by yourself. It is also a fun way to meet new people. Similarly, there are car rental services through which you can rent your car and make money.

Things like a surfboard, tent, lawnmower, sewing machine, kayak, camera equipment, drones, piano, etc are pricey and people would rather rent them than buy if they are not sure of their long-term use. If you own any such items you can rent them and make money through them.

Sounds like a great idea, but you don’t have anything that you can rent? Don’t worry. If you are ready to invest money, you can buy some supplies and then rent them. Just make sure there is a demand for the things you choose to rent.

Data Entry

This is the only option in the entire list that involves sitting in front of the screen. But this needs to be in it because it is one of the jobs that require the least amount of skills.

There are loads of data produced every day and everyone wants their data to be digitized. So many companies are looking for people to do data entry work for them. If you have a desktop or laptop you can start doing data entry work.

All you need to do is type out the existing data in a format. It might be printed pages, pictures or pdf with unusual font, etc. The job is primarily offline. But watch out for scams as there are many in this area. I would suggest you not agree to pay any advance for the work you are taking up.

Pet grooming

To all the pet lovers, I can see your eyes lighting up at seeing this option!

You might need some space for this, but boy isn’t it going to be fun! You get to have fun with the pets, wash them up, and give a makeover to them. That is if they like baths, if they don’t then you are in for some even more fun.

There are pet grooming educational courses that you should take up first. You need to be certified to work as a professional pet groomer. You can do it from your home or even offer at-home services to your customers.

Just make sure you are not allergic to pets.

Teach music or anything else

Do you play any instruments? Are you good at singing? Or maybe dancing? Or drawing and painting? How about woodwork? Do you make amazing crafts? Maybe you are good at pottery? Are you great at cooking a particular cuisine?

Anything you are good at; you can always earn by teaching others. What I have mentioned above are things that people prefer learning in person over any other means. So, you have a higher chance of acquiring students for these sorts of things.

Music and instruments teachers are sought after the most. For dance, you might need a studio-like place. Everything else has a good demand as well.

You can take regular classes and collect monthly fees. Or you can choose to conduct workshops that last for a few days like weekend workshops or week-long workshops.

Start your teaching business by advertising in your area. Nothing works better than word of mouth for this. To begin with, you can conduct a free session or workshop to attract people and have them see how good you are. After that, you will have more students signing up for your classes.

Lend money

Have a good amount of money to spare? More importantly, do you have thick skin and can make people feel your authority?

Only if you say a very strong yes to these two questions, you can consider this option. Lending money is one of the work from home ideas that take the least effort but can still bring you constant income.

But you need to be very careful about who you lend money to. You need to keep tabs on where your money is and how much each of your debtors owes you. There are high chances of you being cheated on, so beware.

Only lend money to those you can trust to pay you back. My advice: steer clear of lending to people you know personally. This can affect your relationship with them very badly.

If lending money doesn’t seem like your thing but you still have a lot of money lying around, you can consider investing it. Maybe try your hand at day trading.

Customer Service representative

Most of the options above are working by yourself. While all these are fun and fulfilling business ideas, you need to take care of all the aspects of it by yourself. Finding clients, doing work, finances, etc.

There are perks to working for someone or a company. That is why the last offline work from home idea is one of those.

Customer service has become essential for every business. Even when you purchase a product and have some issues with it, the first thing you think of is calling customer service. If they don’t offer customer service or if it’s bad, they lose business.

So, companies are looking for good customer service representatives. While call center jobs are an option, these days companies even hire remote customer service representatives.

You don’t need any special skills to become a customer service representative. Good communication skills with a teaspoon of patience to handle the once-in-a-while angry irritated customer are all that it takes. You can comfortably earn monthly or weekly pay-outs doing this job.

That’s all we have got for this list. I know you are tempted to try many of these options. But pick one and give a whirl first. You can always switch later or slowly start combining two or more ideas. For example, you can start with a home garden and then enter catering saying that you will be using only home-grown vegetables!

Tell me which of these offline work from ideas you are going to try in the comments!