Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review, How I Use The Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

This is how I do keyword research using Jaaxy. My Jaaxy Keyword Research Too Review should give you a solid foundation on how to use the tool effectively. I don’t complicate the process or read into it too much and you should not either. It uses to frustrate me but now does not. I have learned a lot and so will you. Over the years, I’ve gained some valuable experience that I hope to share with you today.

Company: Jaaxy

Website: https://Jaaxy.com

Cost: Starter (free) [Join Here]-($19 – $49)[Join Here]

Owners: Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate)

Ratings: 9.9/10

For this training or keyword research exercise I am going to show you how I do keyword research using Jaaxy. I will also provide a video tutorial below and I may also do one using Bing and Google. To use Bing and Google keyword research tools you would need to have either company’s email address. Without it, you will not be able to do it.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Jaaxy: The Keyword Research Tool we will be using for this demo.

Step One: Log into Jaaxy. If you don’t have an account, get one here.

The next thing to do is simply sign up if you are new and we can begin our search. After you’ve entered your details, you use be inside the platform to begin searching for totally awesome keywords.

We’re not one to toot our own horns but I love Jaaxy. It is not perfect but I do a very good job in finding high traffic low competition keywords that I can use in my business.

The way you search might be totally different but the concept is still the same through the industry. Try to find long tail keywords with low competition and high to decent traffic. 

Step Two: Let’s get going…

As you log in you should see a screen like this without results. What you are looking at are results shown for my seed keyword phrase “Wealthy Affiliate”.

Below the phrase you should see “Keywords” with Avg to the right of it. There are some other metrics like Traffic, QSR, KQI, and SEO. These metrics are going to help us determine if our result is viable and if it is something we should spend time writing an article on.

What the Metrics Tell Us:

  • AVG: This is the Total average search volume of the keyword per month in the US
  • TRAFFIC: This is the account of traffic you can expect to get monthly
  • QSR: This is called the Quoted Search Result. The result here tells us how many competing pages in Google for this specific term. You will see them in the next image below.
  • KQI: This is the Keyword Quality Indicator. This will give us a value on whether to go after this term. It will give us a value on competitiveness and a score count from 0-100. The lower the number is below one hundred the better.
  • SEO: This means Search Engine Optimization. We will use this to determine if the weather to target. This tells us using a color scheme. Red meaning bad, Green is good to go and orange in the middle. We always want to stay in the green. The better you get at SEO then targeting the keywords that fall in the orange range are ok to target.

To view the results I am going to simply click on the blue “GET QSR” words. 

Step Three: The next image as promised.

Look at the metrics. You can see we have some opportunities but most are very competitive. Which keywords do you think are great choices here?

If you say “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews”, you’re a guest right. The search volume (AVg) is 48 and the traffic is 9. That does not look like much but getting rankings would be easy. 

The QER is also good. It falls under 100 and is super low. It is only 31 and our KQI has registered “GREAT”! We are in business. One thing to remember here is that when it comes to SEO, you will not only rank for the one-term you are targeting.

You will get rankings for many other related keywords of the main keyword phrase you are targeting. 

Let’s look at another one.

I don’t see much opportunity here for seo because all of the terms are over 100 QSR. Even Though the KQI are showing great, for beginners it is not recommended to go for this term.

I can work for experienced marketers as well as PPC or Pay Per Click. Take a look to the top right of the results page. If you look closely you will notice another column that says related.

This column is where we can dig deeper into the keyword and get more lated keywords for our search results. Below you will find a video to hopefully solidify this process. 

Step Four: Lets go.

How did that go? Did you understand more or are you more confused?

Please, let me know in the comments below.

I hope this was helpful and I would love to get your feedback. Remember, if you don’t have a Jaaxy account, you can get one one here totally free.

Thank you for watching and enjoy the rest of your day.