over 10 yrs experience as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate Marketing is my thing and I love it. I’ve spent many hours and had sleepless nights performing various tasks on my business over the years. When you learn Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Media Buy, create a website or WordPress blog from scratch, and launch your first Google AdWords Search Campaign, the excitement is priceless. It gets even better when the first sale as an affiliate marketer rolls in. This is forever memorable! Every affiliate remembers their first sale so will you. Ready to build your affiliate marketing business? 

3 Steps to Making Money Online in 2023

Step Number One

The first step in the process is to find an audience. This is a group of people who are looking to solve a problem. They are desperate & will buy anything to fix it. 

Step Number Two

In step two, we want to find a product or service that is going to help solve the problem. We don’t want to just pick any product. We are to choose the best.

Step Number Three

Step three is showcasing the solution, the offer, to our audience. The way we do this is through a website or a simple link. When they buy, you get paid.

Examples of What You Can Sell/Promote as an Affiliate Online or offline

Affordable & reliable Domain/Website Hosting Companies

Name Cheap

Location: Phoenix, AZ

By far, Namecheap is a very popular domain name and hosting company. Their domains are often cheaper than the competition and buying a domain, VPN, is seamless with fewer upsells in the industry. Free auto privacy is offered...

Hostgator Hosting Company


Location: Houston, TX

Light on your pocket, Hostgator Hatchling plan (starter plan) is great to get you started. The Hatchling plan is $2.64/month and comes with many features for that price. Unmetered bandwidth and storage space...



Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

This is probably one of the cheapest options out there. In spite of the low rates, the features are still good. If you opt-in for a four-year contract, their price is as low as $0.80 per month! The following are the features they provide...

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Affiliate Marketing Tools

As an affiliate marketer, there are tools for this profession. Google & others have tools we love. I will tell you what they are today.


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