How Much Can You Make From Amazon Affiliate Program?

There are people making a killing with the Amazon’s Associate Program today but how much you can make from Amazon affiliate programs will vary greatly. Each person’s earnings will be significantly different based on how much time and effort they put into their promotions. 

In this blog post, I am going to use myself to help you see actual sales and earnings. These figures are real commissions from promoting amazon products days, weeks and months through my various websites.

You don’t need a bunch of websites to make money with Amazon online associate program. You just need one good blog or site that’s ranking in the search engine. Bing and Google PPC or Pay Per Click are good places for promotions but it can get expensive. 

You can also use social media, that’s free, to share products with friends, family or followers.

Amazon pays out twice a month. Please don’t make my somewhat small earnings sway you away from joining Amazon affiliate program but rather let it motivate you to join because the sky is the limit. You can make as much as you want. There is literally no limit in commission earning potential.

How much can you make from Amazon Affiliate Program?

First I am going to share how I get traffic to my affiliate links. My strategy is SEO or search engine optimization. I don’t pay for traffic in dollars. It cost me time and energy. That’s it.

Where do I list the products I promote? I use a website. I have several websites but as I mentioned earlier only a few make money. The rest are just collecting webdust. I plan to sell them some day.

How much traffic do I get a month to each website? It varies but one site gets the most and this is the site that makes the most affiliate commission. 

What’s your most recent amazon affiliate commission look like?

How Much Can You Make From Amazon Affiliate Program
My Most Current amazon affiliate sale 11/03/2022 (tracking id blurred out for privacy)

Below is a screen shot I took of my latest earnings. This is from two websites from the last 30 days. I don’t do any social media promotions at all. I don’t run PPC ads to these links. All I do is on page optimization and some off page optimization. 

Just imagine if I had done some serious social media promotions? That commission would be much higher! 

The ordered revenue is how much was ordered by customers. My conversion rate is good and best of all I had zero returns. This is the best feeling because it pains to put a lot of work into promoting a product and it gets sold. Only for a few weeks later it gets returned.

That money is gone from your account and so a zero return is always a plus. How much do you think you can make from Amazon’s affiliate program? Think about a big number. It is possible and I know you’re going to achieve it. Don’t know or struggling with affiliate marketing? I use this. 

In this image below is how much I made in the last 7 days. Keep in mind that I am not really doing anything. Pay attention to the sales and commission. There were some small sales but I made a huge sale on one single product. 

Days like these are great. Amazon is a trusted marketplace so anything you pick and promote is likely to get purchased by someone looking for that product. It doesn’t really matter how high the product cost. They trust Amazon and that’s a huge benefit for you and me.

As you can see, in 7 days I made only 3.36 according to the report. But actually I made more. If you look closely at the ordered revenue you will notice a $5,199 sale. This was a good day and you can do this too. @ 3% payout on this item I can expect to receive $155.97

Do you think that payout was too small for such a large sale? It seems so but let’s say I sold three of these a day? I would take home $467.97 a day times 7 days $3,275.37 a week.

That’s how fast this can add up so I don’t want you to get discouraged about the small percentage Amazon pays out. There are higher payout grabs for affiliates. I recommend you check out this resource for all this affiliate marketing. I’ve learned a lot here and am still a member.

If higher payouts are your thing, check them out. If Amazon is where you want to start, visit them. If you’re new and want to learn how to make money with the amazon affiliate program check them out too. You’ll get everything there. 

I almost forgot, it’s free to start. Go here. (my affiliate link)

how much money can you make with amazon affiliate

Introduction to Amazon Associates Affiliate Program (my affiliate link)

There are niches that offer even higher items for sale and these are great markets to get into. Just remember that higher ticket items normally take longer to sell.

Buyers tend to visit a site two or three times before making a purchase. But that’s in our favor too as our sites are always online and are likely to get a commission. 

Do you feel excited and want to learn how you can make money with amazon’s associate program?

First, the thing to do is set up a free account here. Second, contact me once you’re inside. I will show you everything you need to know.

Ready to partner with Amazon and start making money today? 

how much are people making with amazon affiliate program

How to Find Awesome Amazon Products to Promote (my affilaite link)

Before you join amazon, Go now and set up a free account first. There you’ll learn the most effective way to promote products on Amazon and the core fundamentals about affiliate marketing and let me not forget higher commission payout products.

Start learning about how to make money with the Amazon Affiliate program today. (my affiliate link)

Before I close this article, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading through to the end. I truly appreciate you. Let me know how you feel below by posting a short comment.  

Thank you again, and I look forward to your message.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing about How Much Can You Make From Amazon Affiliate Program!

    I actually tried the Amazon Affiliates program about 3 years ago, and I did make some decent commissions…

    The only thing is that the %s weren’t what I was looking for so I tried Amazon FBA instead.

    I do recommend all new people to try it.

    Amazon is the biggest Marketplace for Affiliates!

  2. The strength of being an Amazon Affiliate is the fact that they are huge and offer a lot of different products. Even if someone follows your link but does not buy the item you recommended but selects another item, you will receive a commission. I hope to use other affiliate networks, in time, but Amazon seems like a great way for someone to start the process and it is very easy to join.

    • True Toplink. I forgot to mention that not only will you get the sale on the item you are promoting when they buy but also on anything else that the shopper purchase as they add items to their cart. 

  3. Hey a great post! Thanks for letting us in on your earnings!

    I have started affiliate marketing however currently need to work a bit more harder to see satisfactory results. It’s nice to see others earnings and view what the potential earnings of this type of business is.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi, Michael, thank you for highlighting in this blog, how one can make money promoting Amazon products. Personally, I am new to Affiliate Marketing and I am still training. However, what I have learned from making money is that it is not how much you have earned from the sale of a single item, but rather how much you earn from the volume of items one sells. Another aspect is the seasonality of the business. You may find some items selling more in one season and not in another! So I agree with you that one can make money unlimitedly, by promoting Amazon products. Once my website gains traffic, I will register with Amazon associates. Thank you, once again for this blog.

    • Awesome points and yes, wait a bit until you get some traffic before you apply. You’re on a good path and it is only a matter of time before you start seeing sales rolling in.

  5. I am a blogger but have concentrated my earnings on google ads and promoting products on the CJ network. I never knew Amazon affiliates can be this easy and fun to promote. I use to think of the 3% commission as highly negligible, But you now make me see it from a different perspective. I can take advantage of buyers visiting multiple sites before making purchases.

    • Parameter, I love PPC too and do some as we speak. My interest is digital products for my PPC campaigns they tend to pay higher commissions. 

  6. Amazon is such a popular global marketplace that everybody I know shops with. So it makes sense to be an Amazon affiliate to earn ongoing income with them. But many do wonder how much one can earn with Amazon and if it is worth the effort. 

    So thank you for answering that question and sharing your earnings with us. I certainly find it encouraging as my own earnings are currently much lower.

    I find it interesting and also confusing, to see that you say Amazon pays out twice per month. I have been an Amazon affiliate now for more than two years, and they only ever pay at the end of the month. So does this differ depending on the country you live in? Or the amount of websites you have?

    • Amazon is certainly popular and with so many products it’s like going to the supermarket and finding 15 different bottles of Olive oil. Which one do you buy? On the payout, let me double check it may be a typo. Oops! 

      Those who have old amazon accounts did get access to their API and it didn’t matter how many sales you make but now it matters. If you’re not making sales the API is throttled limiting the number of products you can show per second. However, this is for experience folks.

      I do hope your sales improve and I encourage you to stick it out. 

  7. I am also an Amazon affiliate but I only manage to make a few bucks a week. This is despite having a conversion rate of more than 2%. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Is it because I am only promoting Amazon products that are related to my post? 

    For instance, I write an article about something, and then at the end of my post, I add my recommended resource material related to the topic I wrote about. 

    Do you suggest putting clickable images of products even if they are not related to your post? Or do you write product reviews only and attach your affiliate links?

    I am not good at this, lol.

    • Hey Alice, the Amazon affiliate program rocks. It’s kind of slow going at first but picks up speed as you continue promoting. Let me say that It takes a bit of skill to get this right but no worries you’re in the right place and you are also motivated. At WA you’ll find lots of ways to get people to click on your links. Just use the search function on the top of your WA home page and check on Amazon Call to Action links. You will find some useful tips and ideas to move forward.

      You can also use a soft call to action using the product name you are promoting. Give them a reason to click on the link. Put yourself into their shoes and why someone would want you to click through. 

  8. Amazon is a really trusted website and a lot of people are making an income out of it. Compared to other affiliate programs I found that Amazon brings in the highest revenue, at least from my experience. Not that other programs are bad, it’s just that so many people buy from Amazon that your chances for a commission are far higher than the rest of them.

    • I too love that it’s a trusted online retailer and for this reason, I went with them. I must admit that the commission percentage has dropped during the pandemic and I am hoping it will go up again.

  9. Hi Mike. Thanks for a very informative and honest post. I too am an Amazon Affiliate. I can relate to your story. I didn’t make any sales for the first year of building my website. I came across a training by a Wealthy Affiliate member about how he started making a six-figure income by writing ‘Best Of’ posts. He too had made nothing in his first year. I followed his training and began making money within a couple of months. It’s sitting on about $1,000 a month now and growing, so all I can say is don’t give up. Follow the training and it works.

    • Hi Greg, our similar story is the real deal. It takes time but the more we stick to it the better it gets. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.