The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

My 26 Reason’s Wealthy Affiliate is Best For Learning Affiliate Marketing in 2023.

If you seriously want to learn how to build a successful business on the internet through affiliate marketing, you are in the right place, right time, and on the right website.

Today, I am going to show you 26 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate. I am making a proclamation that by the time you have finished reading you will be ready to pull the trigger and sign up using my free starter member invitation link.

Company: Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate university review

Price: $0/Starter Membership [Join Here] Premium $49 [Join Here]

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: (special invite link)

My Ratings: 10/10

Dear friend, 

Wealthy Affiliate rocks! I am not just saying that. It really is a place where people start from absolutely zero to become very successful online business owners.  We have people from all walks of life, ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. You name it – It’s inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you have visited the website and read some of the articles that explain what it offers, all of it is true. I have experienced first hand the value of WA. I am current a Wealthy Affiliate member and I am available to show income proof and answer any of your questions. Everything you read here today is from first-hand knowledge. 

Every screenshot and video you see on this page are from a first-hand account.  As a current Wealthy Affiliate university member, I rank 114 out of 2Million plus students. You are in for a treat and you will not be disappointed. Are you ready to learn what these 26 motivating factors are?

Lets go…

Wealthy Affiliate Overall Training & Support (#1)

Wealthy Affiliate has all the training & support you need or can ever think of obtaining on running your business. 

Your ideas are a gold mine and they are used in a systematic way to bring them to life and ultimately generate a steady income from them. 

You are not thrown into chaos to fend for yourself. Myself, Kyle or Carson along with thousands of other mentors will be of support 24/7. 

Kyle and Carson and the entire Wealthy Affiliate community are serious about your success and from day one you are set on a path to success.

On your first day of signing up,  you are greeted by Kyle or Carson owners of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and one of them will be your personal coach. You are then asked to upload a picture of yourself or use an image from inside the Wealthy Affiliate profile picture database until you feel comfortable adding one of your own. 

Next, you are asked to fill out your profile and goals you want to accomplish on your entrepreneurship journey.

By this time, you will begin to see other students joining your network and follow your journey. They will congratulate you and all of us inside WA will be your biggest cheerleader. 

Everyone supports each other on a daily basis. Wealthy Affiliate training is world-class and in my experience, there isn’t anything out that can compare to Wealthy Affiliate University training and support.

Wealthy Affiliate Overall Training & Support (B)

How are you trained? You will be training through a series of video lessons, text content, lesson task,1-on-1 personal training, and coaching. You also have live video training weekly and you get progress feedback from everyone on everything you are working as you move through each phase of the course.

These training are detailed and a majority of them are case studies. On these training, you get to see how things are done from start to finish as they evolve over the weeks and into months.

These live sessions are great because you get to ask questions and get them answered immediately. At any given time, there are over 200+ students in attendance from all over the world.

You will also love these training because of the time they go live. At most, they are broadcast 8:00 PM on Fridays. On occasions, Jay will have a class on a saturday or a Wednesday. But for the most part, live events are on Fridays.

Below I’ve included a few screenshots of passed training sessions. I went all the way back to 2013. 

As you can see, training for the most part are on Fridays. How will you find these training once you join Wealthy Affiliate? In the next picture below you will see how to find it below.

It’s easy to find what you are looking for when it comes to the live video training done by Jay.

Finding the Past Video Lessons: Use the Search Field.

You would then choose a dates that the training took place and click it. 

Once you do that, Watch the training lesson.

I will now show you a more current training video that was recorded this year, 2020.

wealthy affiliate live events recorded video lesson

In this screenshot, the year is current. Are you wondering what the red date means? This is an upcoming training event and by the time you finished reading this the 20th has probably come and gone. 

The dates with the blue dots is the one I clicked on and the video I will be watching. If you look at the video, you will notice the date, title of video and who recorded the training session. How long the video is can also be found just above the “Printerest Primer” title. If you wish to watch this video today, click here to watch it.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Structure (#2)

As mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is world-class and I mean that. For number two of 26 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate, we are going to look at how the training is structured for success.

For the people who are on the 7 day trial, they have access to a number of tools and resources to begin their business building.

These tools are Jaaxy keyword tool, Siterubix site builder to build where they can build up to 10 websites, 100’s of free website themes, free website hosting, website security, website monitoring, 24-hour website support and the entire Wealthy Affiliate community. That is over 2 million-plus people at your disposal including myself, Kyle, and Carson.

Members are never alone when they sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. From the first day of joining, you are first contacted either by Me or Kyle. We personally welcome you into the community and I begin to show you around to make things a bit comfortable.

It is truly an amazing and exciting time for everyone and you have a world of encouraging people cheering you one to success. We are one big amazing family and it will be truly amazing. 

Before going onto the training there are a few things that each new person must do and that is to fill out their financial goals for the year or what it will be and hope for. Take a look at mine below. It’s modest. Don’t you think?

Mikes wealthy affiliate profile

You can write whatever you like. If you want to make only a few bucks, put it but you should dream big. Make it big and realistic! 🙂

After that is set up now it’s time to go and start your Wealthy Affiliate online Entrepreneur Certification. This is where you start the training. As mention earlier, the 7-day access pass gives you access to the keyword tool, free website builder, live chat, site security, support, Kyle the community and recorded and live video training on Fridays.

If you join or upgrade to Premium ($47 per month), all access is yours. You have no restrictions and 100% unlimited access to everything.

Let’s take a look at what you can do during the 7 day free access pass trial period.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification (#3)

Beginner Training: Getting Started – Level One

This the first training I recommend for all new WA students. In this training, you are going to learn exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing the right way. Your training will be given by Kyle himself. Kyle is one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and he is an awesome person. He never says no and he is always willing to help, guide and train.

The training is located here and it can be watched now. If you wish to skip this page, you can do so and come back later. However, I recommend you continue reading.

Lesson One begins with a welcome message, Img below,  from Kyle and an introduction to Carson, his business partner. As they go over the formalities, the real training begins and at this time it would be wise to turn off all distractions and grab a pen and paper or a notebook to jot down their 14 years of expertise, knowledge, and skill.

You might not need anything at the first sitting but it matters to dedicate this time for training.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (#4)

Your next step is to follow along in the training. To give you a head start, you can access the training lesson here. But don’t go yet, continue reading below. The process flow below.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification – Full Access (#5)

The online entrepreneur certification training is a 50-course lesson that prepares all students of all levels the concepts, processes and equip them with the knowledge to succeed in creating a thriving affiliate marketing online business. 

It begins with level one “Getting Started task 1-27. There are 5 levels in these lessons and each covering all aspects of becoming an online entrepreneur.

Everyone starts here and you will receive your foundation from these series of lessons. These training sessions are presented in text and video with actionable tasks throughout the training. At the end of each lesson, you are given a task to complete the level. 

Task to be completed at the end of Getting Started

Task to be completed at the end of each training in wealthy affiliate

As I mention above, each lesson comes with a task or tasks to be completed. These re-enforce what you have just learned. You not only watch how to do it. You also read how to do it and the final step in the training is toe do what you have just learned. Put what you have just learned into action.

Below is the start of the training when students log into Wealthy Affiliate to begin their course. Both Starter and Premium members go through this training lesson.

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Started Level One Course (#6)

Wealthy affiliate entrepreneur certification 100% completed.

This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

Video lessons in order of completion in wealthy affiliate - getting started

Benefits and Learning Outcome in This Training:

  • Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community here at WA 
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online 
  • Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals 
  • Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches 
  • Choose your starting point NICHE for your business 
  • Build your very OWN niche website Learn how to optimize your website using 
  • WordPress A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly 
  • How to create quality website content (that gets ranked) 
  • Understanding the keyword research process 
  • Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

Feedback from student of level #1

Reviews left by students about the lesson they just took

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (#7)

All 35 task and course completion. You will have the same thing too.

Level 2 100% Complete

If you ever wanted to know how to create a profitable website and drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your website, this is the training that brings it home.

“Traffic, regardless of the nature of your online business is the root of all success. If you can learn how to effectively get traffic to your website, you can accomplish an extraordinary amount of success”.

This is building your own traffic producing website. This 10 lesson training is going to walk you through no cost traffic generation techniques that will allow you to capture highly relevant traffic in any niche.

Wealthy Affiliate 10 Course Lesson Includes Videos (#8)

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the Principles of Website Traffic
  • Transferring Your Website to Your Own Domain 
  • Choosing a Domain That is Ready for Success 
  • Building an Experience That is User Based 
  • Setting Up Your Own Domain Specific Email Address 
  • Getting Unlimited Traffic from Low Hanging Fruit 

Feedback from student of level #2

  • Creating Content That Converts 
  • Become Proficient Using the WordPress Editor 
  • Making Your Content Beautifully Engaging 
  • Creating Content That Targets Affiliate Programs 
  • Getting Loads of Traffic From Product Reviews

Wealthy Affiliate Making Money Course (#9)

All 28 task and course level completion. You will have the same thing too.

Level 3 100% Completed

Make Money: Level #3 – 34 Task in this lesson

Many have dreams about making money online and countless members of Wealthy Affiliate make achieve this daily. At times we find students try to jump to this part of the lesson only to realize that they need to learn the lesson before moving successfully.

It is perfectly ok to jump here but it’s better to get all the lessons in order so you don’t miss anything valuable and important.

You have a website, you have content, you know how to get traffic…now what? Time for THE MONEY. Once you understand how to get traffic and you start getting traffic, there are many ways in which you can earn revenue. In this course, we are going to walk you through a number of ways you can earn money through your site.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Fully comprehend the “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” process
  • How to earn money through affiliate programs in your niche 
  • Understand the benefits of affiliate networks (and which ones are best) 
  • How to effectively incorporate affiliate links into your content 
  • Understanding the NUMBERS associated with a lucrative business in the online world 
  • Leveraging affiliate promo materials (images & banners) 
  • Where to gain instant access to promote MILLIONS of products within every niche imaginable 
  • How to add “shopping” widgets to your website 
  • Monetizing product reviews on your website How to get 
  • INSTANT access to product news within your industry 
  • How to benefit from Google Adsense on your site Using publishing network alternatives to your advantage 
  • Understanding the difference between earning big commissions or working for pennies on your site 
  • Earning revenue through singular product reviews 
  • A tricky advertising technique that very few people know

Feedback from student of level #3

Wealthy Affiliate Mastering Social Engagement Training (#10)

All 34 task and course level completion. You will have the same thing too.

Ez Albert

Level 3 100% Completed

Mastering Social Engagement: Level #4 – 34 Task in this lesson

The Wealthy Affiliate mastering social engagement training is dedicated to all aspects of social. It covers social media, social marketing and social networks. Respectively, any success within the social space is the result of social engagement. 

Training Benefits and Outcome for the Student

  • What Does Social Marketing Mean to Your Business 
  • Why Social Engagement is More Important than Social Marketing 
  • Making Your Website a Place to Engage 
  • How to Amplify the Sharability of ANY Content That You Create 
  • How to Become a Facebook Powerhouse 
  • Understanding Facebook EdgeRank 
  • Using Visuals to Attract a Following
  • Using Pinterest to Explode Your Campaigns 
  • How the Twittersphere Really Works and How YOU Can Benefit 
  • How to Compose an Effective Tweet 
  • Leveraging Google 
  • Implementing Google Authorship to add to Your Credibility, Brand, and Click-throughs 
  • Making ALL of your Activities Online Social by Nature 
  • How to Earn Consistent Revenue by Socializing at Wealthy Affiliate 
  • Easy, Simple and Effective Ways to Earn Through 
  • Sharing When it is RIGHT and WRONG to use a Social Medium 
  • How and When to go into “Share Only” Mode 
  • Setting Yourself Up for a Lifetime of Social Engagement and Success!

Feedback from student of level #4

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (#11)

In this lesson, you’ll have a solid foundation of content creation. You will use this training to extent your skills.

All 28 task and course level completion. You will have the same thing too.

Ez Albert

Level 5 100% Completed

By the time you finish this part of the lesson, you’ll be a master at content creation. I truly hated creating content. It took a lot of work for me to trust the process and my God it works.

When I look back and see how fearful I was to where I am today, I can only thank this training. It has made content writing so much easier and less of a headache. I am now writing upwards of 2000 word articles and product reviews with ease.

Training Benefits and Outcome

  • Content production and how to do so efficiently
  • Creating visually appealing content Going from content to conversions
  • Using webmaster tools and the benefit to your business
  • Getting people to actually read and engage in your content
  • Planning for a successful year of content creation (and business)
  • A reveal and analysis of real-life conversions
  • Getting indexed and ranked into the other big search engines (Bing & Yahoo)
  • A long term strategy session for a brilliant website
  • How to properly outsource aspects your content production
  • Scaling your content, rankings, and traffic in a cumulative way

Feedback from student of level #5

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Optional (#12)

What’s the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp? This training is for students interested in sharing the same training they are receiving to friends, family, or just about anyone. The same way you got introduced to the wealthy affiliate training program can also be done by you spreading the word and getting paid handsomely for it.

The Bootcamp training covers 7 phases in 70 lessons. It will take you through the steps of creating and establishing a business in any Niche that’s related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Course Training Topics – Content, Keywords and Conversions

  • Getting your business rolling
  • Content, Keywords, and Conversions (golden nugget)
  • Giving your site social value
  • Get visual, get aesthetic. Get a Brand through media
  • Knowing your audience and catapult your referrals (you can’t afford to miss this)
  • Bing, Yahoo and the power of PPC (nuggets like crazy)
  • How to scale successful PPC campaigns ( A must )

Wealthy Website Free Tools for Premium Members (#13)

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting: Both starter and premium members get free website hosting. The starter member has it for 7 days and the premium member has it for as long as they are a member. 

What does the free website hosting cover? The hosting covers all domains, up to 10 for premium members, and 2 for starter members. Other companies charge extra for hosting but with Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t pay.

Wealthy Affiliate SSL [HTTPS]Security: Each website comes with free site security. The search engines are using this as a ranking factor so it’s important to have SSL security on your website. If you would buy a domain from Godaddy you will not get this free. You would have to pay extra. 

That means your domain would cost a fee, hosting, and ssl security. With a membership at WA, you get everything at no extra cost.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosted Website Speed (#14)

Do you currently own a website? How fast would you say it loads? 2  seconds, 3 seconds? The average website loads completely in about 3 seconds. Many plugin laden websites will take much longer and that is very bad for user experience.

Google is using this as a ranking matrix. If your site takes too long to load, it will not rank well. Even if you make it to the top of the search page, it will fall because of the speed lag.

With WA that’s nothing you would have to worry about. The sites that are hosted on WA servers have an average load speed of 1.3 seconds. This is incredibly fast. 

Number of Sites You Can Built-in Wealthy Affiliate (#15)

As a wealthy affiliate premium member, you can create 10 websites. There is no extra charge from the monthly fee. This bonus is unmatched by any other platform offering affiliate marketing training.

For the 7 day Starter Membership trial period, you can build 1 websites in any niche or market you desire. These websites are free for life and even if you don’t become a Premium Member the websites are still available and accessible to you free of charge.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Monitoring (#16)

Your website is monitored 247. If there is ever a problem, you will be notified immediately. Or if something was to suddenly cause your site to go offline, it never will at WA, the staff will quickly fix the problem. 

Monitoring covers, brute force hack attempts, downtime, google index checker, content rank checker, and more. Each user can view their site connectivity, site health, comments, pages, and version of WordPress each site is currently using through the Site Manager inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content (#17)

Creating content will become the lifeblood of your online business. Whether you choose to write it yourself or hire someone, content drives the internet. 

Besides the WordPress CMS/Content Management System, built inside  Wealthy Affiliate is a sophisticated CMS that lets you write, edit, post, add images, add pages, add links, add videos directly into your WordPress website.

This feature is not available anywhere else. Members are not charged anything extra to use this piece of software.

What I love the most about this tool is the fact that I can find and add royalty free images directly into my article without going to google.

Wealthy Affiliate Handpicked WordPress Themes (#18)

Choosing a website theme is easy but gets a little daunting because there are some free WordPress themes to pick from. WordPress has 1000 of free themes for every industry in its depository. You won’t find them all in WA.

What they have done is pick some of the best free WordPress themes that work well in our type of business. On the other hand, you do get access to all the best themes that are suitable for the affiliate marketing model when you log into your WordPress dashboard.

How many themes can you use? You can switch out any theme as you like.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research, Jaaxy (#19)

Jaaxy: Jaaxy is Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword research tool. All members have access to the research tool. Starter members with 7 free access have limited access while Premium Members have access to Jaaxy Lite.

Jaaxy Lite users can search up to 30 searches a month and store all their results and data. This means that a user can search 30 niche ideas and save all his or her results.

Each results comes with Keyword monthly search results, Keyword difficulty metric, Keyword SEO quality score, and Keyword quated results. These metrics are important for deciding keyword worthiness, profitability before building a business around it.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Help & Starter Membership (#20)

Many companies that offer training similar to wealthy affiliates can boast about how good their training is compared to WA but it’s very hard for them to claim live help and live support.

This feature is open to everyone but starter members have access for 7 days. In this area, new and existing members converger to help out others with their questions. It is a frequent hangout spot for top performers.

I am always in the Live Help section. People from all walks of life, background, countries are here looking for answers to their questions. You can ask anything here. Everyone is helpful and they are willing to give an answer or a solution to solve a problem.

It’s never closed. At any given time, 3:00 AM in the morning, you will find Wealthy Affiliate Members helping somebody. Wa is active, helpful and a breeding ground for building up people who have an idea and got it published on the web.

Wealthy Affiliate Help Center (#21)

The help center is as it states. If you ever find yourself in a position where no one inside wealthy affiliate including myself cannot help you, you have the help center at your disposal. 

Wealthy Affiliate Community (#22)

The Wealthy Affiliate community is alive and active at even given time of the day or night. It’s almost like nobody goes to sleep. LOL. However, there are always like-minded entrepreneurs doing something. Kyle & Carson are the owners, Jay does the weekly video training lessons and the students make up the wealthy affiliate community. There is a full-time staff on hand. They provide 24-hour technical support and they keep our training platform problem-free.

Wealthy Affiliate 1-on-1 Coaching (#23)

Each member is assigned a personal coach. The students can reach their coach at any time. The coach will ensure the student succeeds over the lifetime of their membership.

From the first day of joining, you are put in touch with your coach. He will communicate the very first day of you becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member.

He will first introduce himself to you and then walk you through the setup process of your account. By the time you talk to him, your account should already be set up as this process is done as you are signing up.

If not, you will have a guided tour of how to get acquainted with the community. You will not only have a personal coach but you will also have thousands of other students and experts at your fingertips.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership (for newbies to get started fast) (#24)

The starter membership gives 100% access to the WA platform. The access is limited to a set number of days. The current number of days for a starter membership is 7 days. 

Over the course of these seven days, the user can set up a website free of charge, begin the “Online Entrepreneur Certification”, watch live video training, watch previous recordings, access the LIVE CHAT area, speak with their coach, myself, and thousands of other members.

  • Website backup
  • Beginner training course
  • Personal affiliate blog
  • Video walk-throughs
  • Free access to keyword research tool
  • Training classroom

This is a great way to get going if you are very new. If you have some experience in affiliate marketing, then skip to the premium membership. Come and join us.

My wealthy affiliate
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Are you ready?

The Wealthy Affiliate University Signing Up Process (#25)

The process and steps for signing up for Wealthy Affiliate is the same for every member. Wealthy Affiliate does not require a credit card to set up an account. You are required to only provide a valid email address and your first and last name. 

With just those three credentials, you can set up an account and start learning. This is also a no pressure system. 

Switching over a Starter Account to a Premium Account is easy. You would simply click on the “Go Premium” button in your Wealthy Affiliate account profile area. Once that is done the user will have full access and all the benefits provided inside the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Account (#26)

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership account gives each account holder instant and full access to all features, and benefits from the first day of joining. 

This level unlocks all training courses and classrooms. You get instant access to all training videos, all upcoming live video training, unlimited live help, website security package, website backup, 10 websites you build & host on WA servers at no extra cost, personal blog, Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training (all phases),  unlimited access to Jaaxy Wealthy Affiliate premium keyword research tool, to create at no extra charge, 24/7 website support, unlimited 1-on-1 caching, unlimited access to owners, website feedback platform, and website feedback platform. 

The current cost for premium membership is $49 a month. A bonus is given to all new members. They will only pay $19 for the first month. 

Will Anything Get in Your Way of Getting Started Today? 

Wealthy affiliate is a real company with a thriving supportive community and real results The training is thorough and the community alive and active 24/7. And best of all, you’ll learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business starting day one. The Wealthy Affiliate platform was designed for affiliates marketers of all levels.

Wealthy affiliate university starter page

Give Wealthy Affiliate shot today. Remember, you get 7 days of free access using this exclusive private invitation link. Click here to get immediate access to start building your business and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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What are your thoughts about this article? Please, share them below and if you any questions, I mean any, ask them below.


  1. Thank you so much for your thorough walk through on Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.

    Their training looks professional, straightforward, systematic and easy to follow. Your explanation on each items of the training offered by Wealthy Affiliate definitely helpful and can reduce confusion. You’ve presented 26 great reasons why we should join Wealthy Affiliate. Although, newbies might still get so overwhelmed with the amount of information and training they’ll go through. So, it is a good news that newbies can have a personal coach besides getting the full supports from WA and the community within. I think by having a personal coach, a newbie will not feel lost and too overwhelmed when they just get started.

    With this well-presented article, I have no doubt there will be many people who would like to join and have you as their personal coach. I know I do! 🙂

    • I feel honored and blessed to have stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate and now able to tell others about it. You’ve touched on a few key points, like professional, straightforward, and systematic which is, in essence, a great way to learn. 

      From where I am to where I was is a true testament to the learning experience gained from WA. Ferra, I thank you for stopping by.

      While I only focused on 26, there are tons more, but as I mentioned, the article would super long. The best part though is that lives are been changed every day. 

  2. Your 26 reasons for joining Wealthy Affiliate was a very complete and thorough of what is offered in this program.  You can do your part in taking a well-designed program to learn about making money online that is well taught and sharing with those who read your article.  The lack of getting rich quick tricks is one of the qualifiers for how legitimate the program is.

    When you have a sound basic course that can be accessed 24/7 with lots of help and support from your fellow network members you have the foundations for a solid business with room for you to grow as big as you are capable of.  The work is easy, but must be done.  The 26 reasons will help you make the right decision to enroll and learn. Sami

    • After reading your comment, I’ve concluded that you have personal experience with the program and that in itself is a positive proof that wealthy affiliate provides sound teaching.

      The 24/7 community is beneficial and each time I love in members from all over are there. In your post, I believe you meant to say “the work is not easy” and that is true. But it becomes easy once you know the concepts and system of getting your work done.

  3. godspowerbrown992

    Hello there! This an awesome review. Thank you so much for your thorough walkthrough on the Wealthy Affiliate training program, because it teaches you how to promote nearly any products or services in nearly any industry and that ‘s the beauty of it. Wealthy Affiliate does offer a fantastic affiliate program which I am a part off

    thanks for sharing this with me

    • Wealthy Affiliate is one of a kind and it shows you appreciate it. There are so to gain from WA that comes to mind and one of which is the ability to rank websites in the search engines. These tactics benefit both personal and businesses who want more traffic without paying for it.

      Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to seeing your achievements WA blog post. 

  4. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. I join the wealthy Affiliate on the 10th of April 2020 as a premium member, my motive of joining this platform is to build a website to promote my products. In less than a week my website creation was done, as a result of the user friendly nature of the platform and the various online training I received including supports from Co members all attributed to my success story.

    • Well said and well done. A lot of people don’t realize the importance of togetherness and within our wealthy affiliate community that is shown tremendously. People are willing to help and looking at the time you signed up proves that positive helpful nature.

      I was also blown away by how helpful people were when I join. I’ve joined other programs and it wasn’t like what I got inside the wealthy affiliate training program. People truly care.

      I am so happy about your experience and your website creation and the success you already achieve.

  5. Awinikistevie

    Wow! This is an article amazing that you have got here, wealthy affiliate is a world-class online platform that trains and supports members to become successful with their business. The wealthy affiliate training process includes a series of video lessons, text content, lesson task and you can also have personal coaching.


    • Thank you for reading the article. My goal was to shine a light so others can see it more clearly. You saw it and decided to try it out and so far you love it. 

      Everything you experience is overwhelming because it’s not the same in another training platform similar to WA. The video lessons are awesome and we see everyday success of other members. Your words about the Wealthy Affiliate Training bring me joy as the intention for this post connects with you.

  6. Hello there I must commend your effort in putting up a few things about Wealthy Affiliate. Well for me since joining this platform has indeed given me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I can remember vividly the first time I joined this platform I didn’t know how to go about it but after watching some online training videos I was able help myself out

    • That’s great Phil. A lot of new student find the platform a bit overwhelming but as you stated after watching a few of the videos you were able to help yourself. And, I’m sure you find it easier as the days and weeks go by.

  7. Hello there, thanks for this very informative post on wealthy affiliate training program, I must say that if I have seen a post like this some years back I would be doing more better than I am right now, but not witstanding I’m not where I used to be, I signed up with wealthy affiliate some few months back and immediately upgraded to premium membership and from then till now I have been able to build my website via the training classes from wealthy affiliate amd my business has taken a new look already, I would highly recommend wealthy affiliate for any one any day.

    • That’s awesome Jomata. You finally took action and its obvious you’re not looking back. I also thought a bit but quickly joined once I saw the value. Its the place to be. Anyone what’s thinking about joining, you’ll my personal halp on your first day.

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    • Evans thank you for stopping by. It’s true that WA is there for each student. The community is also a fantastic place to meet, greet, share success, failures, and your questions answered.

      WA is truly a gem and Its great to see that you are experiencing good vibes.

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