Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam? My Review to Answer Your Question.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Let’s find out now. Making money online’ is the new cool. It has opened the door for many looking to earn a second income or start a profitable business online.

These days affiliate marketing is very popular. So much so that a lot of people are making great money online. Some become Super Affiliate and teach others how to make on the internet. Why is so popular?

Many have experience the benefits and because it creates the freedom everyone desire for there families and with just a computer and an idea anyone can begin this journey.

Before you start though, a word of warning or caution so to speak. Be very careful of companies promising the world and try your best to avoid outlandish and wild claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! By all means, avoid getting scammed.

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A Popular Method to Make Money Online in 2023

One of the most popular method to generate income from the internet, I recommend this method for all adults, is Affiliate marketing. Why affiliate marketing? I truly believe this path to succeeding online is worth the effort. It is fast simple, flexible, easy to get into, and it has the potential to bring in loads of cash without ever owning a product.

But there is a downside to this affiliate profession. In the early stages, It can get a bit lonely and hard. At this point your pretty much building this business on your own or with a community. But don’t worry, there is a fix that.

One of the best place I know and trust with my wife an kids Wealthy Affiliate. They are a leader in the industry and there affiliate marketing training is top notch.

Wealthy Affiliate rubs a lot of people the wrong way and I suspect there are asking “is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam” or not?

I can assure you it is not. As a former and current member, you’ll see for yourself why my convictions rings true.

Why should you choose wealthy affiliate for your affiliate marketing training? The God honest truth is that many of their students become very successful. These folks are known as “Super Affiliates”

The steps behind affiliate marketing is simple. You simply promote somebody else’s products and get paid handsomely and onetime for doing so. If people end up buying what you are promoting, you get paid. Sounds simple enough, right?

It is!

However, when you first start, you might get overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re going to find. I know for a fact that you’ve been there done that and have settled on Wealthy Affiliate but you want to be certain its the right fit for you and financially too. It can get hard. It will get stressful. But with the community inside of Wealthy Affiliate, it would be impossible to not get a helping hand.

From the owners, Kyle and Carson, myself and everybody inside WA, success is inevitable.

Some say Wealthy Affiliate is that beacon of hope, The company, not without its drawbacks, dedicated technical staff, and most active community, takes the getters away within a few hours of signing up.

Is it all true? I’ve given some great points but lets good a little deeper

As Ive mentioned a few times, Wealthy Affiliate is no scam. I am a proud member. (see my page here)

Wealthy Affiliate Website Home Page.

Wealthy affiliate constitutes a whole package for individuals looking to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

You will learn everything about Affiliate Marketing from Beginner to Pro. These will include earning money from the products you buy on a regular basis, how to make money with Wayfair, Amazon, Target, BestBuy, and countless others.

You’ll also learn many components but one crucial skill that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest and that is becoming an expert the art of Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click. These are skills that commands thousands of dollars today and later when you decide to embark on your own business providing SEO and PPC services to clients.

What I found fascinating about the Wealthy Affiliate training program is how they are able to take a complete beginner complete beginner and their ideas and turn them into full-fledged online business owners in a short amount of time.

Your business will be up an running quickly. You’ll know it all fast.

Some people stuggle and find it hard to get their business off the ground. I say this because it takes some thinking, brain storming to find a focus idea. This simply mean…what your website will be about. Here’s the good news though, don’t think too much about this because you are taught how to easily get up and running.

In this section, we are going to look at website hosting domain purchasing and monetization.

Hosting for Your Website, Domain Purchasing & Monetization

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will learn SEO, PPC, how to come up with a business ojective/goal. All these and more are in steps and taught methodically.

You probably wondering about hosting, domains etc. This is covered. All your websites will be host inside Wealthy Affiliate secure and fast hosting ecosystem. You do not pay extra for hosting sites.

I have 20 sites and I don’t pay a penny extra for hosting. I am a Premium Plus member with options to many features available. With that, you are set.

Another pain point could be choosing the perfect business name or domain name. Buying your business name is simply inside of WA. Also, connecting your site is crazy fast and easy. It takes just 90 seconds to build a site.

What I also love is that you don’t have to go anywhere else. All the tools you need is inside of wealthy affiliate and the ones they recommend are almost always Google free tools like analytics, search console etc.

Everything is all in one place inside of Wealthy Affiliate. I can honestly say that this is one benefit that made me signup Let me also stressed upon you that It’s perfect for complete beginners and also intermediates!

So if you feel hesitant because you don’t know anything as yet or know a little bit, don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

What to Expect Immediately After Signing Up for Wealthy Affiliate, (Lesson One)

Wealthy Affiliate Scam? Nope!
Wealthy Affiliate Training: Welcome to Your Beginner Lesson Titled Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Once you sign up with WA, you’ll instantly feel at home and further solidify your detailed research. The word scam will vanish and you’ll quickly realize your dream and financial stability are finally going to come true.

Get Ready to Start Learning. Kyle and Carson are going to teach you how to succeed with affiliate marketing personally and through video courses. You’ll also have weekly LIVE VIDEO sessions to see how things are done live.

There is also a massive community of 2 Million+ strong members where you can interact with your new family of fellow affiliate marketers.

At this point, you’ll set up your profile, add a picture, add your goals, and start the “The Online Entrepreneur Certification”. Your training starts here!

After you get the foundation and the concepts of the affiliate marketing business and how to make money from it, you’re provided with all the tools you need to actually start making money as an affiliate marketer.

When I say “everything”, I mean everything! The list below provides a glimpse of what you will receive as a free starter member or as a paid premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership as well as a premium membership.

Here’s What do You Get With Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Trial Membership?

The free membership, Starter Membership $0, of Wealthy Affiliate offers a taste of what you can expect in the WA Premium Membership. The following things are what they offer:

  • 1 website with a backup
  • A personal affiliate blog
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Video Walk-throughs
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • 1-on-1 Coaching (premium only)
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
  • Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program
  • Live Help – First 7 Days

While free membership allows you to keep the websites and some course material indefinitely, you have limited access to some key tools and features. You are limited to manage and to run a business successfully through this free membership. We see the free starter membership as a foot in the door and taste, of what’s possible.

The upgraded membership is encouraged. The premium membership has far greater potential. Especially if you are thinking of making this a full-time income someday.

Here’s What You Receive At The Premium Membership Level?

The premium membership is $49/month. Before you gasp and close this wealthy affiliate review, read through some of what you get as a premium member.

The premium membership gives you FULL access to all the features, benefits, & training. You’ll have control of your account, your website, blog, the entire system except technical behind the scenes stuff.

Other than those, you have 14 plus years of training at your fingertips. Can I ask you a question? Are you still wondering if Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

That’s totally fair. Now, let’s continue with the premium paid member’s benefits. Just a quick note, the list here is just a fraction. To get the full scope of the program, visit the homepage anytime from here. I only list the top few to give you an idea. Fair enough?

The Premium List, short version

  • 10 websites
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Twice the pay-out in Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases
  • Unlimited access to tools like keyword research, analytics, live help, and more.
  • A community of affiliate marketers with whom you can chat.
  • Website security
  • Private access to webinars
  • 24/7 support

$49/ month, in my opinion, is a steal-deal when you look at all these features. This rounds out to be around $1.63 a day. If you buy all of them separately, it will cost you thousands of dollars and you cannot get the community features available inside of WA anywhere else.

Why I say that? I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve seen many business fail at teaching affiliate marketing. Many promise unrealistic results with bloated sales pages, lack luster community and coaches who don’t really practice what they preach.

Another one of their downfalls is teaching students marketing tactics that Google does not care for. What this does is get your business blacklisted and banned. Not so in Wealthy Affiliate. Your business will be built on a solid foundation. You will use only ethical marketing practices that Google, social media sites, and all the other search engines will love.

So, Can Anyone Make a Living by Simply Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer is a big NO. Just joining won’t get your business off the ground. When you join though, you begin the process or set it in motion. You’ll begin to build it and that involves taking action.

Let’s face it, Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. But everyone, including you, deserves success, and fulfilling life is your right. Wealthy Affiliate will help you get there.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it a lot easier to enter this amazing industry called affiliate marketing. It is still a task, but its what you make it, and the responsibility of the student to make it work – you! It takes a lot of effort and hard work but I know you’re ready and prepared for that. It also takes some financial investment, your time, money, energy, and passion.

Are you passionate about something that you’d like to turn into a business and share with the world and make a cool $1000 a week from it? Let’s get you setup up for free!

Who Should join Wealthy Affiliate – Frankly, Anybody.

You will benefit greatly from Wealthy Affiliate. I can feel it in my bones and if you identify with the following below.

  • You are a beginner, no experience, in affiliate marketing or intermediate (some experience)
  • You have been thinking about starting an online business for some time
  • You have patience and can wait for months before starting to see real money.
  • You don’t look at affiliate marketing as a magic bean that will grow overnight. But are rather willing to treat it like a business that will take investment and time.
  • You are willing to learn and keep updating your knowledge.
  • You prefer having all the tools on one platform.
  • You want to learn how to get free traffic to your websites if you already have one or a few
  • How to get the local business in your area to get online and succeed with getting leads
  • You have ideas that you know would be good for a business online
  • You want to learn how to rank a website in the search engines
  • You want to learn how to write SEO Optimized articles that Google will love

Remember that it will take at least 6 months to start seeing real progress and earn decent incomes. Don’t make this stop you because others have gain success sooner. So, patience is key in the beginning. Then over the months, you will see your income increase.

If you are still not sure if this is for you, sign up for the free membership and try it out. They do not even ask for credit card details! Do you still believe or have the question is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam?

Conclusion, Updates, and Bonuses

In my final answer to your question about weather or not wealthy affiliate is scam, concludes here. Wealthy Affiliate is legit and as legitimate as can be.

They have been in business for 14+ years and counting. There are so many amazing things to say about this company. Kyle and Carson are honest family individuals who regular participates in the training and development of each students.

Each premium member is assign to either Kyle or Carson and you have access to their private contact details.

You may have run into some negative reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and that’s ok to have negative reviews. It needs balance because there is no perfect business on the planet. But some of them are flat out untrue.

Ez Albert

I am happy to share my opinion and my Wealthy Affiliate experience today. This review is from a current member and I go by the name MikeKurtis. Everything you read here is from personal experience. You can send me a message on my personal phone and ask me anything you wish. My number [929-260-2483]

I’ve also written a more extensive review titled “26 reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate” here. It’s pretty long so be prepared to read some more.

Also some income proof. I love Clickbank and WA helps me to master PPC. I look forward to seeing you as a member and reading your success post to the community. See you soon!

Note: They they have added a new membership level. Premium Plus. Take a look at it when you get there. That’s the level I am currently at today. I upgraded

My Clickbank Sales

Quick Note: Wealthy affiliate has recently updated its pricing and bonus offers which extends to new students that take action in the next 24 hours. This has never been down before and it is causing students to make a long blog post about how happy they are about the bonus.

For New Premium Members Who Start Today…

  • Unlimited training and support

Hope you found this post useful. Happy Affiliate Marketing! (Related Content: 26 Points to Try Wealthy Affiliate)