Viral Traffic Boost: Can this plugin bring viral traffic to your business?

Looking to boost traffic to your website? Tired of trying the traditional method and not getting enough results? Viral Traffic Boost is a product that claims to fix your problem by boosting traffic to your website or product pages. Want to know how it does it and whether it is a tool for you?

Read till the end. I will tell you what Viral Traffic Boost is about, how it works, and its pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will know whether you will buy this product or not!

The Problem

Before diving into the VTB review, let us look at the problem the product is trying to fix.

Traffic and leads!

The mantra of online marketing! The more eyes on you or your product/service, the more chance of sales and profit. Collecting leads is another crucial part. When you get email-ids of people you can directly market your products right to their inbox! So, the whole goal of social media pages or website is to get more people to check out your products.

The traditional method expects you to keep creating content, providing value, and hope that people come to buy your products eventually. It is a long journey from the top of the funnel to the bottom where the audience turns into a customer. This could take a lot of time and money!

What if you can get more eyes without having to go through this time-consuming traditional process?

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What is Viral Traffic Boost?

Viral Traffic Boost (VTB) is basically a plugin that helps you to boost your traffic (I am guessing you already got that from the name :P). It fast tracks the process of getting traffic and collecting leads without having you go through the lengthy traditional process.

In essence, what the plugin does is that it creates a button for you to collect traffic. Send your audience to any page or website you want; the plugin will display YOUR banner with the button on a THIRD-PARTY WEBSITE that you send them to! Isn’t that cool!

You can install Viral Traffic Boost plugin directly to your WordPress and start creating a campaign that will bring in traffic and leads quickly.

The creator of VTB is a marketing veteran who has created other products like Funnel Boss, Freedom Sales, and Rapid Profit System. His products have been received very well and he is respected by his audience.

How does VTB work?

Making use of this plugin is easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge!

Step 1: Design your traffic generating Button

This is the button people are going to click to visit your website. There are options to customize the text, its size, color, and design. Make sure your button tells your audience what action you expect them to take.

Step 2: Adding a message and image

The next part of the process is to create a Facebook post. You add an image and a message for your audience in this part. This gets shared with the Facebook wall of the audience when they click on your button.

Step 3: Design your banner

This is the banner that is going to be displayed on the page you are promoting. So, make sure that the message and call to action are clear. You can customize the banner. And it will appear at the top of the website.

Step 4: Campaign Code

The final step is to copy and paste your campaign code into the page that your button is going to appear in.

All your audience has to do is click ONE BUTTON and VTB takes care of the rest. It shares your page on their Facebook wall and pulls their email-ids from Facebook to add to your subscriber list. It doesn’t stop there! It sends them to an offer page of your choice and displays your banner on that page.

This way you can improve traffic, grow your subscriber list, and increase sales at the same time rather than doing step-by-step. And all this comes as easy as installing the VTB plugin and setting up a campaign.

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Easy to use

Setting up a sales funnel to convert the audience to customers takes a great deal of knowledge in marketing. And sometimes technical knowledge is needed to set up a call to actions that attract people. However, with this plugin, you don’t need all this. It is quick, simple, and newbie-friendly. You can set up your campaign in minutes.

10 ready-to-use and customizable templates for campaign

Coming up with new ideas for every campaign can be an exhausting task. But VTB has got you covered there. There are 10 campaign templates available for you. You can simply copy and paste a few elements to adapt it to your business. The templates are highly customizable as well.

Build your subscriber list with ease

List building can sometimes be a tough task for a business. But it is essential to keep your online business profitable. But with this software, building your subscriber list is no longer a pain. Rather it happens simultaneously with traffic building. The fact that the plugin is integrated with Facebook makes this tool very efficient in growing your list. 

Comes with training

The plugin is easy to navigate as it is. But if you still worry that you may not be able to use it to its potential, VTB is there to walk you through it. When you purchase VTB you also get in-depth training on how to use it as well.

Who could benefit from it?

Whoever is trying to drive traffic can use this tool.

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online business
  • Digital product creators and sellers
  • Online service providers
  • Online marketers


You can use VTB by paying a monthly subscription amount. There are two plans for you to choose from:

Basic Member:

Price: $12. You can use it for a single website and it doesn’t have the 10 campaign templates.

Pro Member:

Price: $17. You can use it for 3 websites and it comes with all the features.

Pros and Cons 


  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Saves you a lot of time in increasing traffic and building list
  • Has 10 templates for campaigns
  • Allows you to customize the button


  • Usually, when building a list, the customer voluntarily gives their Email-id. However, here the email addresses are taken from their Facebook accounts. Mails following this could be considered spam.

That’s all for the review of Viral Traffic Boost. I hope you got all the information you were looking for!