Pinterest Account Suspended, I Don’t Even Know Why!

So, last night I signup for a Pinterest account. I have a few others so I didn’t expect anything different.

I did the unusual stuff and expected to quickly post a few pictures.

After setting up the account and claiming my domain, I began to add my first board. I did that and everything as cravy.

I created the other and that was also completed without any problems.

I then decided to follow a few members who interest me. After about 7 follow, I saw a huge message.

YOUR ACCOUT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED for violated their terms!!

I was like what!!

I didn’t do anything wrong. The message said I should go to my email and see where they sent me instructions.

I read the email and had to laugh. It seemed to me that I didn’t confirm my account fast enough. That is my belief.

Have any of you experience this before?

So they gave a link to appeal.

Lets see what happends here because I am baffaled. Or could it be because I created a board talking about “tired of being broke”.

Or maybe the one that say “make money while you sleep”.

I just have to wait and see.